Pain Points & Solutions

You lose your client in the middle

of a closing session?

What if we told you that losing clients in the middle of your meeting is just a symptom of a greater problem?

What if the real problem is that you don't have an established sales process?

Real Estate Sales Process

The real estate transaction process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and full of negotiations between sellers and buyers. However, by optimizing the sales process, not only will you save time, you are able to close deals faster. Not only that, but if you handle the real estate sales process correctly, you'll be the first person a seller thinks of when they need to sell another property. Below, we listed websites that provide information about real estate sales process.

This website is not only giving you information about the sales process but also provides a checklist for realtors to be prepared for the sales process. You will have the information about listing preparation, pricing, agreement, sales, offers, negotiations and closing.


Popdrive provides valuable information on real estate sales process walkthroughs, from listing to closing. With this practice, you can dominate your sales process and keep your clients by your side.

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