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Struggling with your organizational skills?

What if we told you that struggling with your organizational skills is just a symptom of a greater problem?

What if the real problem is that you have too much on your plate and do not know how to manage it?

Or, that you don't know how to organize your day efficiently?

Here are some ways to get listings!

There are times we think we are Superman and that we can do everything in one day. Let's just remember Superman is a fictional superhero and although some people are great at multitasking, there are only so many hours in a day.

The real estate industry takes a lot of organization to be able to cover all your open houses, listings, clients, and paperwork. What if we told you there are tools you can use that will help you manage your time and set reminders for everything you have to do in a day.

Google Drive

Gmail users gather up! If you are a Gmail user, you would have seen this option on your account. Google Drive is a great tool for storing all your documents in one place that is easily accessible. You have the option of using an app that works on Android and IOS.

Google Drive has the option of creating files right at the moment, and be able to share them at any time.


DocuSign is a great tool to know about the contracts you will be sending your clients to sign. it also works as a cloud where you can store the contacts you frequently send and you can edit them as well to customize them to your client's needs. This is a great alternative to go paperless and think more about the environment.


Dropbox works similarly to Google Drive, however, a great aspect is that you can connect it to your DocuSign account. How great is that? Everything in one place, what more do you need? Your documents, agreements, contracts can all be in one place and have the option of sending them to your clients. Let´s close the deal!

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